‘Love and Hip Hop Atlanta’ Finale Recap: Love and Heartbreak

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It’s been a winning season for the cast of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. After taking audiences on a love rollercoaster through the summer, the season ended with one couple actually making it down the aisle while the others continued to balance love and life in the A.

Erica Dixon finally decided to move on. It looks like Erica decided to take her checks from the show and invest in a new home. Smart move—invest while those checks are still good. In a conversation with fellow cast mate K. Michelle, audiences also learned that Erica was also moving forward into a new relationship with her realtor.

Rasheeda made good on her promise to stay committed to Kirk Frost, her husband of 12 years. In a small outdoor ceremony, the happy couple renewed their vows and helped give a little credit to the show’s title. While Rasheeda and her husband were busy jumping the broom, Benzino was considering a future with Karlie Reed…and then he wasn’t. After proposing to Karlie with an engagement ring, Benzino quickly took it back after Karlie questioned his commitment to the relationship. Don’t feel too heartbroken for Karlie. Her flirtatious banter with an up and coming Atlanta rapper proved that she also wasn’t ready for any real commitment to Benzino. Better luck next season.

From Love and Hip Hop Atlanta’s première, Joseline Hernandez has been labeled a home wrecker. While many people may agree that her actions with Stevie J were questionable, her reaction to the situation deserved an applause. While Steve’s long-term girlfriend seemed to excuse Stevie’s behavior by putting up with it, Joseline cut her personal and professional ties with Stevie and promised to treat him like the womanizing mongrel that viewers have labeled him. Mimi Faust also decided to move on from the Stevie and Joseline triangle as well. Mimi insisted that her departure from Stevie will not put her financial status in limbo. She has maintained a successful property cleaning service for years and has a means to support herself and her baby without the help of Stevie J. Good for you, girl! Fans of the show will see if these lines stayed drawn when the reunion clip airs over the next two weeks! Hopefully the ladies will continue to prove that not even glitz, glam, and the promises from former high-profile men of the music industry can interfere with matters of the heart.

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