‘Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta’ Joseline Violently Beat Up After Pregnancy Drama

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Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta has just begun, but it already has people talking. Just three episodes in, and the viewers are already getting a dose of drama, pregnancy, infidelity and lying. However, fans are already taking sides and one of the stars recently felt the anger of viewers over her attitude and decisions on the show. Joseline is known as ‘the other woman’ on the show, who got pregnant with a man who was already dating another woman and has a child.

Over the weekend, Joseline attended a viewing party in Atlanta and she was continuously asked about her pregnancy with Stevie J. Of course, she is pregnant on the show, but she later decided to get an abortion to focus on her career. A fan asked Joseline about her decision to go for an abortion and when Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta star Joseline ignored the girl, the fan reached out and punched her in the face. The aggressive attacked actually split open Joseline’s face.

One of MediaTakeOut’s reporters asked the friend of the girl who punched Joseline what would cause her to attack the reality star. “This is some bull… I am so tired of telling people what happened… My friend asked her Joseline ‘why would you get rid of the baby her and Stevie J’ had made…” the friend shared. “(Joseline) then brushed my friend off so my friend hit her. I mean, you can’t just brush people off in the club and think it’s cool. Now she’s telling people that my friend hit her with a bottle and that’s not true.”

While Joseline isn’t exactly gaining lots of fans across the nation, it does seem rather violent to just lash out at a woman for making a decision for herself. Do you think the fan was right in hitting Joseline or should she be careful in hitting reality stars?

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