‘Love and Hip Hop Atlanta’ Season 1 Episode 2 Recap: Whose Baby Is It?

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The drama continued on episode two of VH1’s new hit show Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. After last week’s showdown, Mimi Faust continued to test the limits of her relationship while Stevie J and Joseline continued to prove that their relationship was far beyond the boundaries of manager and artist.

This week, viewers were introduced to female Hip Hop artist Rasheeda. Many were surprised to learn that the self-proclaimed Georgia Peach has been married to manager Kirk Frost for 12 years. In episode two, Rasheeda and Kirk had to deal with the gray areas of their artist/manager relationship. Although the couple had a heated argument on the set of Rasheeda’s new video over the blurred lines of their relationship, their love for one another is clear and hopefully they’ll become a couple that viewers can root for during the remainder of the season.

Erica Dixon was meant for the pages of Essence. Her high cheekbones are a photographer’s dream. In a meeting with her mother, Erica let her newfound fan base in by revealing the hardships she had to endure as a child. After her mother became addicted to drugs, Erica was forced to move to New York as an adolescent and live with her aunt and uncle. Like so many of the other cast members on the show, Erica should definitely be applauded for being strong enough to show her truth to the world.

Mimi Faust has had audiences debating since the premiere episode of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta.When should a woman draw her line in the sand? The revelation that your longtime boyfriend has been consistently cheating with his “artist” would have been reason enough for many women to draw in black ink across the sandy beach. In this week’s episode, Mimi moved her personal relationship with Stevie J into a clear and concrete business proposal. In order to continue working with Joseline, Stevie J has to give up 20% of his earnings. While viewers can appreciate Mimi’s level-headed decision, many are still left pondering whether it was really her decision or another clever move by VH1 and Co. to drum up more drama for the show.

While Love and Hip Hop Atlanta provides more than enough characters to keep fans tuned in each week,the situational drama will leave many viewers questioning the validity of the show. Case and point—Joseline’s pregnancy test scene. Instead of looking like a woman distraught over the thought of having a child at the wrong time, she actually looked like a cheap video model shooting her next scene. The results of the test proved what everyone already knew—Stevie J, you are the father! Only time will tell if this new information will be enough to finally help Mimi draw her line.

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