Love in the little things

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I don't know where to begin when I think about love in the little things; so much has happened  that we can't go back.

Children and Emma, 1991


I think of life lived and what it means now: of brushing hair,  making dinner, driving to lessons, of smiles shared.

I think of movies watched and books read, of jokes with friends, of heart-to-heart talks.

I think of wanting time to stop freeze-frame like a kodachrome moment, so we can stop and say, 'yes,  that was it – that was defiinitely love in the little things', but you're out the door in a zip-flash and our wishes don't add up to all those moments slipping by.

Then I find a broken trinket left behind or a dirty sock and you come roaring in the door, and you still need love like a two-year-old, and it all becomes perfectly clear, that it all just adds up to love in the little things.

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An article of mine, 'On Marriage, Life, Death and Remarriage' was published in "Blended Families (Social Issues Firsthand) by Greenhouse Press." An article of mine was referenced in this book: "Margaret Atwood: a reference guide" by Judith McComb

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