‘Love in the Wild’ How Many Relationships Lasted after Finale?

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‘Love in the Wild’ had a great season 1. Everyone is wondering how many of the love connections have lasted past the show. Who is still together?

In an interview with Heather Pond, I found out who was still making it work as a couple from ‘Love in the Wild.’

The winners of the show Samantha and Mike are still going strong. They are now preparing for their trip around the world that they won on the show.

Heather and Miles are together, but it is a long distance relationship. The next big step for this couple is meeting the family which is coming soon.

Theresa and Skip were unable to make the long distance relationship work. They are still friends.

Many fans of ‘Love in the Wild’ have wondered about Derek and Jess. She left the show to be with him after he got hurt. She commented on Twitter about their relationship.

awesome!!! Thanks for the sweet shout out :) btw we are friends now – haha so he’s on the market!

None of the other couples from ‘Love in the Wild’ are still together. Many say they are still good friends. Are you ready for season 2 of this show?

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