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“Love is charming.” The whippersnapper’s tough bounce resounded across the table.

“What do babies know about it?”

“Love is tough.”

“Where’s she getting this from?”

“Love is remembering she’s yours when she misbehaves.”

“I’ve got it,” said Dad.

“Got what?”

“She’s quoting newspaper cartoons.”

“She’s a baby.”

“She’s absolutely yours.”


50 words: Remember those “Love is…” cartoons in the paper?

Prompts for January 5, 2011

  • Use a quote from a book. Make your attribution like this one.
  • Include the words: whippersnapper, tough bounce, & charming
  • Someone needs to say, “Love is…” you can fill in the rest of the sentence
  • tag with gwwe
  • publish by January 11 for inclusion in next week’s column

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