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I have had, I love you, whispered in my ear

I have felt the joy of being held by someone very dear

I have known the happiness that wedded love can bring

I remember all the excitement, love making, everything

I have reaped rewards that from our love were sown

I have born our children, so much wonderment I’ve known

I have lived a long life strewn with promises of love

They have been kept carefully ,I still feel them from above

I am a very lucky one and though sometimes, I do weep

My heart is kept intact by promises, always mine to keep

My darling I remember each caress and loving kiss

they wrap me in the warmth I feel, even though I miss

your smiles that always greeted me,that soft and gentle touch

You kept your love promises, darling, thank you, oh so much

I hear those words I love you, still whispered in my ear

My heart leaps with joy, for I know that you are very near

For those words promised me in such a solemn vow

Never broken once, from heaven,  softly echo now



his week’s challenge: write about promises:

  • Write about the promises you have made to yourself.
  • Write about the promises you have made to others.
  • Write about the promises other have made to you.
  • BE SURE TO TAG your submission with MWE. Note: I search for articles using the tag “MWE” If you don’t tag it right, I will not find it.

  • Include “Monday Writing Essential” in your title.

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