Love Storms At Sea – Rhyme Sublime Prompt Week 4

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Glowing morning with love on deck

Headed out to share a small boat

No warning signs, all appeared well

On calm seas we went afloat.


Forever friends, odd first date

Only two seafarers knew

Anything happens out at sea

As a couple, we would get though.


Suddenly waves rocked our boat

Looming storm clouds overhead

Sheets of rain covered our frames

Sights unseen, alive or dead.


Perilous waves struck the bow

He manned the boat, fighting tide

Rod in hand, a bite would come

Going along for the ride.


I locate a quiet cove

Faithful partner, hold on tight

He heeds my word, heading north

Drop my line and get a bite.


Breaking clouds, sun peeking through

Pull on my line, two for me

Docked at last, happened so fast

We knew what dinner would be.


© Stacey Mamasaid All Rights Reserved

In response to Rhyme Sublime prompt for week 4.


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