‘Lovelace’ Cuts Sarah Jessica Parker Out of the Film

Say it isn’t so. Did Sex and the City’s beloved Sarah Jessica Parker really get cut from the film Lovelace? That can’t be true, can it? Yes it can be true and in fact, it is according to Entertainment Weekly.

As some might recall, SJP stepped in to fill Demi Moore’s shoes after the brunette tressed actress had what some might call a “health” issue. Sarah Jessica was to play the part of feminist Gloria Steinem, who was known to have a pivotal relationship with the former porn star. The problem is, the movie decided to switch its focus a bit, expanding on the year 1980 and not ’84 when the two women became close. That meant that Parker’s role was no longer required.

Producer Jeffrey Friedman admitted fear over telling the actress about the decision. “You never want to make that call,” he said. “But she was a pro”.

Still there is hope that SJP’s part might show up in an extended cut of the film for DVD. However, that isn’t assured since nothing has been settled in that department. According to the makers of Lovelace, they still don’t have the distribution rights figured out yet. Until that is done, they can’t think ahead to DVD.

For now, Sarah Jessica Parker’s fans will just have to imagine how she might have imbued her essence into that of Gloria Steinem. In the meantime, they can also hope she’s up for a new romantic comedy. That’s the genre her fans like seeing her pursue. She’s naturally funny and, therefore, fun to watch on the big screen.

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