Low Blow: Rhea Perlman Ditched Her Wedding Ring from Danny DeVito

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Just days after announcing a split in their 30-year-old marriage, Rhea Perlman has already ditched her wedding ring. That seems to negate any possibility of a reconciliation in the future.

Of course, chances are the split between DeVito and Perlman is new to the fans but not to the couple. They’ve probably been planning it for some time. That would mean Rhea removing her ring so quickly after the announcement would make some sense.

Fans, however, are still reeling over the split of the assumed happily married couple. They’ve often worked together, starring as boyfriend and girlfriend on Taxi. They also starred together in the 90’s film, Matilda. The duo has three children, all of which are in their 20’s. Perhaps they stayed together so long for them or maybe the reason behind the split is relatively new. Some rumors float around that DeVito might have cheated on Rhea.

Still, if anybody saw the split coming, they kept quiet about it. The announcement took fans by complete surprise.

It’s doubtful the reason behind the split will ever be made public. Still it’s always sad to see such a long marriage crash and burn. Here’s hoping Rhea Perlman and Danny DeVito find something apart that they couldn’t find while together.

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