LQP-79 And Zombie Fever Spreads : Mother Eats Son’s Brain in TX!

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Fear of Zombies and the rumored LQP-79 virus are spreading this weekend after a third person has done the unthinkable by eating another human’s brain. Sadly, this time the victim was a 3-week-old child killed by his own mother.

As news reports come out about cannibalistic patterns across the country, more and more people are wondering about the rumored LQP virus which is said to turn people into zombies and cause them to crave the taste of human flesh.

First it was the “face-eating” man in Miami, then the Maryland college student who ate his roommate’s brain and heart. Now, a 33-year-old mother who beheaded her child with a sword and then ate his brain.

It’s easy to think that these are all copy-cat scenarios, but could there be more to it? Is the government testing some sort of new virus out on the unknowing population?

It wouldn’t be surprising, as the government has done things to the population before that were not lawful nor necessary.

But making people into zombies? Wouldn’t that be going too far?

Do you think there is such a thing as the LQP-79 virus? Do you think there is any connection between the murders in Florida, Maryland and Texas?

Hopefully this will be the last time anyone has to hear about someone eating someone else because with the supposed Mayan end date of December 21, 2012 nearing closer, people will start getting genuinely freaked out!

Can you really blame anyone for being scared at this point?

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