LQP-79 Virus Dismissed By Government, But Is There Really a Zombie Virus?

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LQP-79 has been a hot topic recently. With at least two cannibal style attacks in the past week, it seems like zombies could be among us. However, reports of the LPQ (Lysergic Quinine Protein) virus being out among the regular population is reportedly not true.

The government has come out to let people know that there is no “zombie virus” and that people should not be concerned. However, a news report, that looked like it was from the Huffington Post, said that the virus was confirmed in the face-eating man in Miami and also in the second man accused of eating his roommates brain and heart.

It’s really disturbing that these two incidents happened, but people shouldn’t jump to conclusions about the LQP-79 virus.

There have been numerous rumors of zombie viruses over the years, so it comes as no surprise that people are even more concerned now with two cannibal/zombie incidents.

The government may try to hide things from the public quite often, but hopefully they would let it be known if there was a highly contagious virus out there.

Are you worried at all about the supposed zombie virus or LQP-79? What do you think of it?

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