Luke Evans Gay: Hollywood’s Next Major Action Hero Hiding in Closet?

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Luke Evans is posed to be Hollywood’s next major action hero, and he’s gay. Evans is a little known actor now, but soon, he will be all over the media because he’s co-starring in several upcoming major movies: 2011’s Immortals, 2011’s The Three Musketeers, 2012’s The Hobbit, and 2012’s The Raven.

A few years ago, Luke was very vocal about being an openly gay and proud homosexual. However, that seems to be changing now that Evans’ star is shining brighter. AfterElton, a gay entertainment web site, discovered that vital information pertaining to the actor’s sexuality and personal life had been substantially changed on his Wikipedia page. The information went from stating he was openly gay to stating that “Luke lives a private life and rarely speaks about his personal life. He has made it clear in the past that press and private life are very seperate[sic] and should never be mixed.” Later, that section of Evans’ Wikipedia page was deleted, also.

That statement is a different tone entirely from a 2002 interview Luke had given Taboo magazine. Back then, he had said, “I knew that even though my part was a straight character everybody knew me as a gay man, and in my life in London I never tried to hide it. … So I thought, Well, I’m going to have to be open. It’s who I am. And if people don’t like it, then I don’t want their jobs.”

In 2004, Evans gave another interview to GayDarNation in which he stated, “I bought my first [gay porn] film when I was 15 and now I have a good collection and I add to it regularly. I research it almost every night!”

Now, everyone from Luke’s camp is keeping mum about his sexuality and private life. In the end, it is really no one’s business. However, one can only hope that Luke Evans isn’t going to try and hide his homosexuality because of Hollywood’s pressures. So what if he is gay? The real concern should be: can he act? And if he can act straight and can act at all, then who cares if he likes men or women? Oh yeah, to make matters stranger, Evans has supposedly been dating a woman recently. It looks like his handlers are really trying hard to turn him into a John Wayne type, but they may inadvertently be turning him into Rock Hudson.

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