Lulz Boat Hackers Openly Mock PBS on Twitter

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The hackers who allegedly broke into the PBS News website and posted a fake “Tupac Shakur Is Alive” story openly took to their own Twitter page and razzed the vaunted, if somewhat sleepy, organization for falling behind on IT technology.

The Lulz Boat hackers must feel secure enough about keeping their real identities hidden to engage in such open flaming. The question is, why doesn’t Twitter shut their account down?

Although the fake news story did no real harm to PBS, it did point out that such a professional organization, presumably with well-paid IT professionals who are on guard against this kind of thing, would fall prey to attack. No personal information or financial info seems to have been compromised, but the hackers are saying on their Twitter page that they are still engaged in attacking the site.

And this all came about because of a story PBS ran last week about the Wiki Leaks investigation. PBS is usually noted for its objective stance, but something in the piece set these hackers off. Maybe. In their Twitter and Formspring posts, they seem to be saying they actually take nothing seriously and that, if they really wanted to, they could take down Google itself.

Here’s a typical Tweet: “Hey @PBS admins, you still trying to regain control? The Lulz Boat sails through your horrendously-outdated [sic] kernels!”

Soon after PBS discovered it had been hacked, they took the phony story down. But The Lulz Boat hackers brazenly posted a snapshot of their handiwork on a site that specializes in capturing fleeting web pages, You can see the snapshot here.

Even as PBS was reporting the story on its Monday night NewsHour edition, The Lulz Boat hackers were still defacing their front page. They even Tweeted a begrudging admiration for PBS’s newly awakened vigilance, saying, “Damn @PBS, you’re quick on your toes. We defaced this just now: they already 403’d it. What a fun battle!”

This can only mean that The Lulz Boat hackers have no sense of fear for reprisal or being apprehended by authorities.

That’s scary.

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