Lupe Fiasco Says He Won’t Fully Retire Yet

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Expect another Lupe Fiasco album.

After the Chicago rapper claimed that he was going to step away from the rap game due to the state of the music industry and some comments made particularly by another Chicago rapper Chief Keef, Fiasco is rethinking his decision. His new album Food and Liquor 2: The Great American Rap Album Part One is set to release on September 25th and according to him, he may have no choice but to release another album before calling it quits.

In an interview, Fiasco stated: “Contractually, I still have to do another record [titled Skulls] if the label picks it up, but even after this part one and part two [of Food & Liquor 2] I’m basically kind of done, because that album is even almost finished. I won’t make music for commercial purposes after that. It’ll more just be kind of artistic and developing my other music projects, so we’ve got SNDCLSH, my DJ[-based] kind of electro kind of thing, and then Japanese Cartoon, which is my punk band. I don’t even know if Lupe Fiasco is gonna exist after Skulls, I might even just do a name change or something like that…if I feel like making a rap album, then I’ll make it.”

Clearly, Fiasco wants to leave the rap game but can’t due to contractual obligations to his record label. He has been very clear about going independent once his contract expires and stated that if he continued rapping, it would be under his own brand. As of now, he’s set to release his new album and has two more in the making.

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