Luvly Laura came HOME Today!

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Got a call from her about 9:45 this morning.  “Come ‘n get me,” said she.  So I did.  Took us about an hour to complete our nurse-assisted escape, but we’re home.

She seems to be doing very well.  There is not a great deal of pain, and her standard pain meds seem to be handling it.  The hospital food was TERRIBLE (and the service was worse), so she’s sitting here chugging down a whole can of Campbell’s Healthy Choice Clam Chowder and a peanut-butter-on-toast sandwich.  Just wait ’til THEIR service survey comes, heh-heh.

I have an LPN on for today, and I have to make arrangements for tomorrow and all day Wednesday.  We’ll see about Friday.

Anyway, things seem to be going well, so I thought I’d toss out an update.

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