Luxury iPhone 4 Made With T-Rex Tooth

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Are you tired of your boring old iPhone 4? Then you will love Stuart Hughes’ creation. He has designed an iPhone 4 that is encrusted with diamonds, made of meteoric stone with a T-Rex tooth fitted into it. If that isn’t enough, they added in an Apple logo made of platinum. He is calling this new design the “History Edition.”

The meteoric stone is used instead of the glass on the back of the phone, and the 65 million year old Tyrannosaurus Rex tooth is splintered and shaved into the meteoric stone. The sides are then lined with diamonds to give it that extra expensive look. This amazingly designed iPhone 4 will be going for about $62,700, with only 10 being produced.

Stuart Hughes owns a company named GoldStriker, which custom makes luxury electronics. They are also known for making an iPhone back in October with 500 diamonds, putting it at about $8 million. Luckily, if you’re not an iPhone fan, there are plenty of other electronics they custom make, ranging from mobile phones to laptops.

The only question is, will this iPhone 4 made of meteor, diamonds, and a T-Rex tooth, prevent the famous iPhone 4 death grip. Was it really worth decking out this phone that has had pretty bad design flaws?


Stuart Hughes iPhone 4 HISTORY Edition (Images courtesy Stuart Hughes)

Photo Source: OhGizmo!

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