Lynsie Murley Settles Lawsuit with TSA after Exposed Breasts Incident

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Lynsie Murley, 24, of Amarillo, Texas has finally settled in her lawsuit against the TSA filed last year. The suit accused the agency of several violations stemming from a frisking incident during which an agent exposed her breasts back in 2008.

Among the lawsuit complaints were negligence and intentional infliction of emotional distress.  The incident occurred in May of 2008 at the Corpus Christi airport.  According to The Smoking Gun, Murley was going through the extended search procedures when a TSA agent frisked her and pulled the “Plaintiff’s blouse completely down, exposing Plaintiff’s breasts to everyone in the area.”  Murley was extremely embarrassed by the incident.  After leaving the line and returning to it again, apparently a male agent joked with her about it and said he wished he had been there for the original search, but “he would just have to watch the video.”

After the settlement had been reached, Murley’s legal representation discussed the outcome of the case.  According to Murley’s lawyer, the settlement was was less than six figures.  He noted that the suit was not so much about the money and that if the TSA had simply apologized for the incident, Murley wouldn’t have filed it in the first place.

This is very likely not the last lawsuit that will be filed against TSA with the increased security measures including pat-downs and body scanner images.  The amazing aspects of this particular case are that criminal charges weren’t filed against the workers involved in the incident.  It seems like extreme sexual harassment and assault of Lynsie Murley by the individuals involved.  They made this particular traveler extremely uncomfortable and humiliated.  For that, shouldn’t these workers be behind bars without jobs?

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