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I was wondering if anyone might know the correct lyrics for the sea animal song in the "Baby Einstein – World Animals" video. I tried to write down the lyrics based on what I heard, but there are a few words that I can't get right:

Sea Turtle:
I say, Hey, little turtle, would you like to take a swim with me?
With a ?????1 nest, never leave you house, when it's time to move,
You are slow on land, but man oh man, in water you really move.

I say, Hey, little dolphin, would you like to take a swim with me?
You can show me how to hold my breath,
?????2 down to the bottom, and play with your friends,
Swim to the top, jump out of the water,
Spinning like the top, just like ?????3

I say, Hey, little fishes, would you like to take a swim with me?
We will swim around the reef all day, ?????4 all the rules
'Cuz even though we are having fun, you know we're still in school

My guesses are:
?????1 = musty
?????2 = Dap
?????3 = we all
?????4 = obeying

I really would like to have the correct lyrics so I can sing along with Kyleigh. Thanks in advance!

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