M.I.A. Pregnant at Grammys Video

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What with all the Chris Brown/ Rihanna brouhaha going on, I think people have been missing out on what should have been the talk of the evening: the VERY pregnant M.I.A. Apparently unaware it was actually her due-date, M.I.A. performed with two dudes named Kanye West and Lil’ Wayne. But that’s not important. What’s important here is the fact M.I.A. was so very pregnant. I mean, about to burst here.  Think Aliens…

I honestly have no idea who this pregnant M.I.A. lady is, and I’m on the fence if I should care or not. The song she performed was that annoying generic pop that so infuses the airwaves that I’ve been forced to retreat to my underground bunker and wait another 10-15 years until the powers that be get around to recycling the early 90’s. But M.I.A. did this whole annoying pop number pregnant, and I’ve got to give some credit for that.

Or do I? I still have a bone to pick with M.I.A.…

Someone has to tell little miss pregnant M.I.A. something: Pregnant ladies ain’t hot. I know everyone tells pregnant women that they’re “glowing” and the like. But that’s just the joke we’re all in and you’re not. We’re actually making fun of you and wondering if you’ll actually believe us when you’re a huge blimp.

And apparently the joke was lost on M.I.A. Pregnant is NOT cool – let me reiterate it if you didn’t understand that’s what I was getting at. And the whole idea of wearing a see-through outfit with strategically placed dots is tantamount to a war crime. I mean it, my eyes nearly bled.

Should the pregnant M.I.A. have performed? You be the judge…



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