Maci Bookout Already Two-Timing Kyle King?

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Maci Bookout may be a Teen Mom, but she likes to keep her private life quiet. Even though she does her best, meddling fans are often busy trying to figure out who she is dating. Even though she never technically confirmed that she and Kyle King split, it was pretty obvious since they stopped following each other on Twitter and deleted all photos of them together.

However, the two are currently in Vegas together and are even re-following each other on the social networking site. Even though it seems that the two are happy again, some are still questioning if she really wants to be with Kyle King or with Kyle Regal.

Maci traveled to Texas to hang out with her ex-boyfriend, Kyle Regal, and according to sources, she isn’t completely over him. A source told OK! Magazine:

“She’s basically back together with Kyle King, but she’s still talking to Kyle Regal and keeping it all on the down-low. The whole thing is pretty messy and pretty selfish on her part. But that’s Maci for you.”

Interestingly, when Maci Bookout was in Texas, she rarely tweeted Kyle Regal and publicly made it appear that she was only spending time with Kyle’s sister, Casaundra. If she was spending any time with Kyle Regal in Texas, she definitely kept it on the down-low. Could she really be two-timing Kyle King already?

Even though most view the Teen Mom as a sweet girl, rumors have circulated for years that her country girl charm is all for the cameras and that she really is a manipulative person. Of course, it is hard to know Maci’s true personality, and it is wrong to judge someone that you see on television, basing your opinion on tabloid gossip.

Whatever is going on, fans are excited that Maci and Kyle King appear to be back together. Hopefully it lasts and she can get over Kyle Regal.

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