Maci Bookout and Kyle King Hitting Up Las Vegas

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Maci Bookout may be single, but that isn’t stopping her from hanging out with both of her ex-boyfriends (both are ironically named Kyle).

Not long ago, she traveled to Dallas, Texas, to hang out with Casaundra Regal and her brother, Kyle. However, while the Teen Mom obviously interacted with her ex, there were no photos of the two together posted and no tweets between them.

Maci couldn’t stay in Texas forever (even though she wanted to) and was soon back in Tennessee, hanging out with Kyle King. Maci has tweeted about bowling with King, and even though she has Halloween plans with Kyle Regal, she is planning a trip to Sin City with Kyle King.

On Wednesday, King tweeted, “lookin good for Vegas next weekend @Broctickle @Holman_115 @lsmithjrvp@MaciBookoutMTV @risacolelane@JessicaTickle @JohnnyLouch”

Okay, so the two aren’t exactly planning on a romantic couple’s trip to Las Vegas, but they’re going together nonetheless. What is most interesting is that, even though they tweet each other a lot and obviously hang out, neither are following each other on Twitter, nor are they sharing any photos of themselves together. Weird?

Could all of their hanging out solely be for Maci Bookout’s rumored spin-off show? Surely the Teen Mom would need to include Kyle King in some way since he is a fan favorite (and since Ryan Edwards role is not yet known). It could also explain the increase in her mini vacations which seem to happen nearly every week now. Are the cameras following her around the country, filming Maci partying?

It’s hard to say, but fans are hoping that she and Kyle King rekindle their romance again. Third time is a charm, right?

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