Maci Bookout and Kyle King: It’s Twitter Official!

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In today’s age, social networking plays a huge role in everything that people do. When it comes to relationships, people look to sites like Facebook and Twitter to see who is dating who.

When Maci Bookout and Kyle King split a while back, they both unfollowed each other on Twitter and even deleted all photos of them together. Even though there have been rumors that the two have been hanging out (and even a few photos have emerged), the two are still keeping whatever is going on between them quiet.

However, something interesting popped up on Twitter on Wednesday. It appears that Kyle King is now following Maci on the social networking site, but the Teen Mom isn’t following him back (yet).

Wetpaint is also reporting that the two are getting ready to hit up Sin City for a weekend trip. They are going together, but there will also be some friends tagging along, so it is unclear how much time the two will actually spend together.

The fact that Maci Bookout and Kyle King are talking Twitter, hanging out, and possibly even moving in together definitely gives fans hope. The question now, though, is will they make their relationship official or will they wait?

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