Maci Bookout and Kyle King Split!

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Maci Bookout and Kyle King are, hands down, a favorite couple on Teen Mom. The two dated for two years before splitting early in 2012. However, the split didn’t last long and the two were back together shortly after the Teen Mom reunion special was filmed.

Last week, fans learned the truth about what happened between the two. Maci accused Kyle of cheating on here, but in all reality, he was simply chatting with old friends (who happened to be girls) on Facebook. While this isn’t exactly cheating, it is certainly betrayal (especially since Kyle admitted that some of the messages may have been a little too friendly) and it is easy to see why Maci was hurt.

Luckily, the two were able to get past that and tried to make that clear to fans who weren’t aware of how long ago the reunion special was taped. However, this past weekend, there were signs that suggested the pair may have split again!

Both Maci and Kyle have been tweeting photos of themselves with their friends, which isn’t too out of character for the two. In fact, Kyle has said that he supports Maci going out with her friends and having fun. Unfortunately, while she was out, Maci mentioned about meeting a cute guy (something that she did when fans suspected she and Kyle had split earlier this year.)

However, there is something else that seems a little peculiar when it comes to their Twitter accounts. Both Maci Bookout and Kyle King have unfollowed each other! Twitter following has become the new “Facebook Official” and since these two are no longer following each other on the social networking site, this could potentially signal a break-up. Also, Maci is now following Kyle Regal on Twitter. Regal is a racer who Maci dated for awhile when she and King split earlier this year. Things with Regal didn’t work out though as he was allegedly caught asking a friend of the Teen Mom’s for naked pics.

The icing on the potential break-up cake, though, is the fact that Kyle King has deleted all photos of both Maci and Bentley from his Twitter and Instagram. It seems that these two have indeed split. Of course, knowing these two, it will be awhile before they admit it or give an explanation as they like to keep their private lives private.

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