Maci Bookout Defends Her Drinking Habits

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Maci Bookout turned 21 years old last month; but prior to that, several photos of her had surfaced that showed the young mommy drinking beer and other things. Every teenager drinks but since she was doing it publicly, she got a bad rap and even though she’s currently of legal age, she’s still getting a few hateful messages from fans who think she should stay home with her son at all times and never ever have a drink.

“It’s Tuesday, I’m out … #beer and my #treehousebeetches,” Maci tweeted on September 26. “We are causing trouble, this is fun. It’s been a VERY LONG two weeks. #gimmieabreak.”

Maci’s fans sure can be hard on her, but they shouldn’t be. She’s a good mommy and she works hard so just like any mommy, she deserves to let loose once in a while and have a drink or two.

Plus, it’s not like she’s leaving Bentley unattended to go get wasted. Bentley is with his father so Maci shouldn’t be expected to sit at home and do nothing.

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