Maci Bookout Goes on Vacation with Ryan and Dalis

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The new season of Teen Mom just started and, already, it’s intense! The first two episodes were only a tease for the real drama that is yet to come, especially that between Maci Bookout and Dalis Connell.

MTV has revealed a new extended clip for next week’s episode showing Maci talking with her friends about the situation. She reveals that she will be going on vacation with Ryan Edwards, his family, and, oh yeah, his new girlfriend. Maci also reveals that Ryan’s family still has pictures of the former Teen Mom couple in their home. Fans may remember the clip where Maci says, “this girl doesn’t stand a chance.” While it seemed catty at the time, with the extra lines, it doesn’t seem as snarky as MTV made it initially appear.

Dalis is set to make her debut next week and, while it is sure to make for good television, it is best to keep in mind that it is extremely edited. When Maci Bookout is seen saying all of those things, she had not yet even met Dalis! Of course, meeting your ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend is never fun, but this situation is slightly different. Maci and Ryan have a child together and they need to make sure things do not negatively affect him.

Not only that, but the episode was filmed nearly a year ago and a lot has changed since then. Bentley spends time with both Ryan and Dalis and seems to like her. Also, in what may be a shock to fans, Maci Bookout recently revealed that she is “rooting” for Dalis.

Do you think MTV is just trying to make the situation between the girls more dramatic so that it pulls in more viewers?

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