Maci Bookout Has the Best Boob Job

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A lot of people have ridiculed the girls of Teen Mom for spending their money on breast implants. So far, Maci Bookout, Farrah Abraham, and Jenelle Evans have all gone under the knife and MTV is reportedly trying to stop any more of the cast from having the procedure. As expected, they feel it doesn’t necessarily promote the kind of image that they would like.

Nevertheless, the girls have gone through with it and all three feel that it has boosted their self-esteem to some degree. Of course, not all of their’s look the same and each girl may be promoting a different image to girls.

Jenelle’s implants are only a few months old, but many people feel that her body now looks disproportionate. It seems as though she may have gone a little too big (both cup size and budget as she is reportedly broke!) Farrah’s look natural, but fans overwhelmingly agree that Maci Bookout has the most natural look.

A recent poll on Wetpaint shows over 54% of fans prefer Maci’s new look as opposed to only 10% preferring Jenelle’s. Farrah was in the middle with 34%. While these girls aren’t exactly trying to encourage plastic surgery, the fact that fans pick Maci as having the best boob job shows that many girls still know that a natural look is the best way to go.

Too often, celebrities promote an image that is, essentially, unattainable and while most of the girls from Teen Mom often look flawless on magazine covers, most aren’t shy to go make-up free for the show, helping to show girls that you don’t need to look perfect to be a good person (or a good mommy.)

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