Maci Bookout Meeting Up with Kyle Regal after Splitting with Kyle King — Again

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Kyle King is out, and Kyle Regal is in! At least, that’s what it seems like with Maci Bookout and her relationship status!

To be fair, the Teen Mom never announced that she and Kyle King were back together after their obvious split. Not only had the two unfollowed each other on Twitter, but they also deleted all photos of the two together. Even though things looked bad, they slowly started talking again and even refollowed each other. However, the biggest sign that the two were working it out was that they recently took a trip to Las Vegas together. Even though they seemed to have a great time, the two stopped tweeting to each other and pushed the unfollow button yet again!

Last month after the split, Maci traveled to Texas to hang out with the Regals, but this month (and after this subsequent split), the Regals are making a trip to Tennessee to see their favorite Teen Mom! However, they don’t want people to get the wrong idea and are making it very clear that they are just friends.

After Maci tweeted that the “Dream Team” would be making a visit to Tennessee, a lot of people started assuming things, but Kyle Regal cleared things up by tweeting, “you can be friends with someone after u date someone… relax ppl.”

Maci thanked him for the tweet, and he replied, “ur welcome FRIEND!!!#DreamTeam

Even though the two maintain that they are just friends, people are going to think what they want anyway. Maci Bookout and Kyle Regal dated for a while earlier this year, but split after he allegedly asked her friend for nude pictures, so would they really get back together? The two had been making Halloween plans (Barbie & Ken costumes were discussed), so maybe they are just holding true to their plans?

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