Maci Bookout Meeting Up With Kyle Regal And Is Terrified!

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It is Thursday and that means Maci Bookout is on her way to Dallas, Texas to meet up with her “Dream Team.” In case you aren’t too savvy on your Teen Mom, Maci’s “Dream Team” consists of a few friends, one of them being Kyle Regal. You read that right! After splitting with Kyle King, Maci is fixin’ to spend some time with Kyle Regal.

It seems like something out of Jenelle Evans’ book, really. Going back and forth between two different guys. In Maci’s defense, however, she has tried to keep her meeting up with Regal on the down-low, but a tweet that she sent (and quickly deleted) has forever been captured in a screenshot (and can still be seen here), showing her intent. However, even though she seems excited to see Kyle Regal’s lips, she is also terrified!

Maci tweeted, “i think im more terrified of going to dallas tomorrow than i was to turn 21…”

Why is Maci so terrified for her trip? She didn’t really go into detail, but she hasn’t been down there in awhile which is enough to make any girl nervous! Does she really plan on getting back together with Kyle Regal, though, or are they just rekindling their friendship? Whatever is going on, fans are sure to be watching her social networking sites closely for any indication of what is going on between these two!

In case these two rekindling whatever it is isn’t weird enough for you, Kyle King is embarking on a friendship of his own – with Ryan Edwards! That’s right, these two are now buddies and plan on meeting up in the near future. Whatever is going on, if Maci Bookout is indeed filming for her spin-off, then it is sure to be filled with a lot of drama!

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