Maci Bookout Opens Up About Dalis Connell

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On the most recent episode of Teen Mom, fans watched as Maci Bookout and Kyle King took the next step and purchased a house together. Of course, MTV can’t show everything that the cameras captured, and after the show, some unseen footage popped up on showing Maci opening up about Ryan’s girlfriend, Dalis Connell.

It’s no secret that these two girls didn’t exactly get along at first. In fact, this is one of the points that MTV wanted to play up for drama this season (as evident in the trailers). In the clip, Maci talks with a friend who asks her how she would feel if Ryan Edwards and Dalis Connell were to buy a house together. She admits that Dalis comes over to pick up Bentley with Ryan occasionally, but that the two girls don’t really talk. Maci thinks it is Dalis’ job to talk to Maci first, but is she right?

Ryan Edwards and Dalis Connell have been dating for a while, and it is apparent that she is close with Bentley. It shouldn’t really matter who talks to who first as long as they are talking! Bentley is the most important person in both relationships, and there needs to be communication between all of the adults involved.

Of course, these episodes were filmed nearly a year ago, and it is safe to assume that Maci Bookout and Dalis Connell have exchanged a few words since then. However, these glimpses show just how tense things were at one point, and that is completely understandable. No one wants to share their child, but it is a reality that Maci and Ryan have to face.

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