Maci Bookout Reveals Her ‘Problem’ with Dalis Connell

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MTV has played up the drama between Maci Bookout and Dalis Connell for the final season of Teen Mom. Finally, fans were introduced to the aspiring fitness model on Tuesday night’s episode, and things were interesting, to say the least. While the initial meeting between the two seemed pretty awkward, Maci opened up about her “problem” with Dalis after the show on Twitter, and it seems as though the drama is simply being hyped for the show.

Maci tweeted, “I never had a prob with Ry having a gf; I did have a prob with her coming on a vaca with my son after only dating Ryan for a couple of weeks.” Of course, it is actually understandable that Maci felt that way since, up to that point, the Teen Mom had not yet met Dalis. Sharing your child with someone new is always hard, and for a mother, it is even harder.

Despite the fact that things between the two girls seemed icy, Maci clarified how she feels about Dalis now, saying, “Dalis handled the entire situation just as I had hoped, and now that a year has passed, I’m glad she stuck around and put up with me hahaha.”

It is great that Dalis was able to handle the situation which certainly couldn’t have been easy. However, she has proved that she loves and cares for both Ryan and Bentley very much. Even better, Bentley seems to get along with her well, and now that time has passed, Maci Bookout seems more comfortable with everything as well.

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