Maci Bookout Reveals: She’s No Longer a Journalism Major!

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Even though Maci Bookout is a pretty private person, there are some things that fans know for sure about the Teen Mom. Among the most well-known facts are that she has a lot of tattoos, loves motocross, and is a journalism major. Well, it turns out one of those “facts” is actually wrong!

In an MTV aftershow clip, Maci talked about school. High school, college, just school in general. Flashbacks were shown of Maci saying good-bye to her friends as they went away to college and of her promising to make the trip to visit them. While her visiting plans may have changed, so did her college plans.

Maci Bookout revealed to her fellow Teen Mom cast mates, Farrah Abraham and Catelynn Lowell, that she is actually now majoring in media technology with a minor in creative writing. While she may not be going for journalism, media technology is actually similar and will allow her to go into some of the same jobs as a journalism degree would and even opens up more opportunities.

Some information obtained from Chattanooga States website states, “The media technology concentration will give students an opportunity to take courses in broadcasting, production, linear editing, and other areas of mass media. This multifaceted approach will meet the identified needs for students interested in radio, television, or print journalism while providing an overview of all aspects of media technology.”

Perhaps what is most interesting about this is that, a few days ago, a report surfaced saying that Maci was “in talks” with MTV for her own show. It stated specifically that she wanted to be the host of a show, and it seems very plausible now that she really is in talks with the network. Not only does she already have the experience, but with her fan base and degree, MTV would be crazy to not give Maci Bookout her own television show!

While she may not have been able to get the same college experience as her friends, she certainly has a lot of opportunities!

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