Maci Bookout Reveals Who She Is Dating!

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Maci Bookout is, hands down, the fan favorite from the original Teen Mom. Not only is she a sweet southern girl, but she also is a good mom to her son, Bentley. While fans will certainly miss seeing her on the show, Maci won’t be missing it!

During one of her weekly question and answer sessions, Maci answered a handful of questions from her fans including one who asked her how it feels to not have the cameras following her. Maci replied, “amazing haha.”

The girls have had camera’s following and recording nearly every aspect of their lives for the past four years and it is no surprise that Maci is enjoying the absence of filming equipment in her everyday life. Of course, Maci has been rumored to be getting her own spin-off and fans are certainly hoping that is true, but if she isn’t a fan of the cameras, would she sign up for another solo show? Maci says it would be a hard decision, but that doesn’t mean she is counting it out just yet!

Maci Bookout answers fans questions almost weekly and sometimes, she gets the same batch of questions. Fans often ask her who she is dating and she always coyly avoids the question, but on Saturday night, she finally revealed who her man is!

When asked who she is dating, Maci replied, “Bentley.” When asked the dating question, she often says she is single and things along that line, so for her to say Bentley was different. Perhaps that is her way of saying that she is focusing on the main man in her life for a while before getting serious? There are rumors circulating that she and Kyle King are getting ready to get engaged, so perhaps this is her way of responding?

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