Maci Bookout Reveals: Will She Ever Get Back Together With Kyle?

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Maci Bookout may have just gotten back from Texas, but she is not getting back with Kyle Regal. Ever. She makes it clear that it is never happening. At least, that is who she appears to be addressing in her latest tweet, or does she mean Kyle King?

Maci tweeted, “good lord, give it up already. dont make me quote t swift.” She then retweeted someone saying, “We are never ever ever.”

Those who aren’t fans of Taylor Swift may know that her latest hit song is called We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together. So, which Kyle is she referring to?

While in Texas, the Teen Mom spent a lot of time with Kyle Regal’s sister, Casaundra, but it doesn’t appear that she spent much time with Kyle himself. The two barely tweeted to one another while she was there. In fact, Kyle number 2 (as fans have started to refer to him as) was busy flirting with another gorgeous gal (a model from Texas) and even posted pictures of the two! If Kyle Regal was trying to get back together with Miss Maci, then the two kept it pretty quiet! Of course, fans wouldn’t blame her from not wanting to take back Regal since he reportedly asked another girl for nude pictures when he was dating Maci this past spring.

So, what about Kyle King? The two still aren’t following each other on Twitter and he is reportedly dating a new girl who happens to be a model. The only other guy that Maci Bookout has dated is Ryan Edwards and he is happily involved with Dalis Connell, so it is not likely to be him, either!

Maci doesn’t open up about her private life much and still hasn’t revealed why she and Kyle King split again, so it is likely that fans will just have to keep wondering who she is talking about in her tweets!

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