Maci Bookout Spin-Off Photo Emerges

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There has been a lot of confusion surrounding Teen Mom and the rumored spin-off’s.

Farrah Abraham has already confirmed that cameras will continue to film her life, but it is unclear if MTV will be doing the filming. Last week, Catelynn Lowell’s father confessed that camera crews have been following Catelynn and Tyler as they plan for their summer 2013 wedding. However, the one spin-off that hasn’t been confirmed is Maci Bookout’s. In fact, Maci has even denied that she is filming a spin-off at all!

Despite her denials, there have been rumors circulating that Maci has been filming since her birthday back in August, but little evidence has emerged. While there was evidence suggesting that she was indeed filming, many believed that it was for the new Teen Mom specials that are set to air next month. However, All the Teen Moms has obtained a brand new photo which shows Maci in one of her classes with a crew member holding a microphone near her.

It is obvious that Maci is filming for something, but what? Is it really for a new spin-off? It seems unlikely that she would be filming another catch up special for MTV, but it isn’t completely out of the question. No one was aware that MTV would be airing two new spin-off’s in October and, when the cast was tweeting about filming, everyone automatically assumed that it was for their own spin-off’s. Now, though, that filming makes sense.

However, since Farrah Abraham and Catelynn Lowell have spin-off’s confirmed, it seems only fair that Maci Bookout get one as well. There are a lot of fans who would watch the special and it would help clear up a thing or two about Maci’s life (for instance, what exactly happened between her and Kyle King again?)

Out of all the Teen Moms, which spin-off are you most excited for?

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