Maci Bookout Spin-Off: Will MTV Meet Ryan Edwards Demands?

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Even though Teen Mom has ended, most of the girls are on to bigger and better things. While each girl is rumored to have a spin-off in the works, Maci Bookout seems to be the one with a signed and sealed deal with MTV. She has been spotted filming the past two weeks and many people are wondering what exactly her new show will focus on. One question, though, is will Ryan Edwards be involved?

It is no secret that Ryan hated filming Teen Mom with a passion. In fact, on the latest episode of the show, he revealed how much he hated waking up to the camera crews and how happy he was that filming was over. Of course, Maci can’t have her own show without Ryan though, right? Well, if MTV wants to get him on board, they may end up paying big time.

According to Ok! Magazine, when MTV wouldn’t accept no for an answer, Ryan Edwards decided to ask for an obscene amount of money so that they would get the hint. However, his little plan may have backfired and it is rumored that he could make upwards of $20,000 an episode. If he does agree to do the show, it will be solely for the money and not for Maci’s sake. According to a source he “can’t stand her.”

While Maci Bookout is arguably the most popular Teen Mom, it is hard to say if she could carry a spin-off show on her own. Obviously, the one thing that truly helps to sell reality television to an audience is drama and she and Ryan Edwards definitely have that. Of course, Maci has drama with all the men in her life.

Recently, she and Kyle King split for a second time and, if captured on camera, that would certainly make for drama (and could also be why the two have remained quiet on the split.) They have been hanging out, but that, too, could be for dramatic purposes.

Do you think Ryan Edwards demands will be met? Would you watch Maci’s show if Ryan wasn’t involved?

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