Maci Bookout’s Son: Is Bentley Out of Control?

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Anyone who has ever spent more than an hour with a young kid knows that they don’t always do what they are told. The girls of Teen Mom have made a living showing young girls the hardships of raising a child, but even their kids act out of control sometimes!

On Tuesday, a Teen Mom blog surfaced showing evidence that Maci Bookout’s son was out of control during a recent trip to PacSun. A disgruntled employee claimed that when Bentley is in the store, he destroys everything and Maci does very little to keep her son in line. Fame is blamed and the fact that Maci appears to only care about how people view her and not how she raises her son.

Bentley has always had a wild side, and anyone who has ever watched Teen Mom knows this. However, just because he acts up in a store one day does not necessarily mean that Maci Bookout is a bad mother. Kids aren’t perfect, and it doesn’t matter how good (or bad) of parent you may be. The truth is, kids are going to act up once in a while.

As a public figure, Maci knows that she is going to get noticed while out in public. If she really were letting Bentley run wild, it is likely this would have been reported about many times in the tabloids. While Maci has had to endure a ton of rumors, letting Bentley destroy stores is not one of them. This seems to be an isolated case of a disgruntled employee.

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