Maci Bookout’s Tweet: Dalis Connell Sets the Record Straight

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The new episode of Teen Mom was pretty intense, especially for Maci Bookout. Fans watched as one of Maci’s tweets got her in a bit of trouble with Bentley’s dad, Ryan. Apparently, Maci said something about things would be easier if she and Ryan were still together, but Ryan’s girlfriend, Dalis Connell, didn’t appreciate the tweet.

Since MTV likes to edit everything, Dalis cleared up what really happened tweeting:

Forgot how over dramatic tonights episode is. A small issue made into a huge deal. I “flipped out”?. No, she nor anyone saw my reaction. I asked why she would randomly post something like that & Ryan got mad that she was period. Discussing something with your boyfriend Is not insecurity. It’s what every relationship is. Making something more than it is was ridiculous.. but some people love to try and Make others look bad.. all I gotta say is I love my man & we always stick by eachother no matter what. Open about everything :)#hateitornot

Even if she didn’t “flip out” as Maci says, Dalis had a right to be concerned. Maci Bookout has over 800,000 followers on Twitter and before the show even aired, Dalis Connell was pegged as the “bad girl.” While Maci may not have ever said anything negative about Dalis directly on her Twitter, Maci’s fans are dedicated and immediately took to Team Maci, not even giving Dalis a chance.

Luckily, Dalis revealed that everyone gets along now. The show was filmed over a year ago and everyone has had time to get to know one another and to get comfortable with the situation. Co-parenting is hard, but it looks like the four finally have a handle on it.

After the show, Maci tweeted, “the reason i can co-parent is because im not perfect either and in the end all that matters is if Bentley is happy. #giveandtake

Hopefully for Bentley’s sake, everyone continues to get along.

Do you think Maci made too big a deal over the tweet? What about Dalis, was she wrong for discussing it with Ryan?

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