Maci Bookout’s Weight Issues Revealed — Is She Naturally Thin Or Anorexic?

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Maci Bookout has always been very thin. In fact, the Teen Mom star has even been trying to gain weight as of late and while her thin frame seems to be genetic, some think there is a bit more to it. Maci is fresh off a break-up and her stress level is reportedly up leading to some unhealthy habits.

Celebrity Dirty Laundry claims that Maci has stopped eating and is unable to get a grip on her bad habits. However, their report seems to be completely bogus.

Maci has always been one of the more responsible of all the Teen Mom stars and it’s doubtful that she would let a break-up affect her in such a bad way.

Plus, another report claims that not only is she not anorexic, she’s actually trying to eat more and gain weight. Maci’s fast metabolism keeps her thin and sometimes, makes it impossible for her to even put on muscle mass.

Maci Bookout may be thin but to call her anorexic is just silly. She’s much more level-headed than to put her health at risk.

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