Mackenzie Douthit Of ’16 & Pregnant’ Isn’t Having Sex; Tired Of Defending Herself

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Mackenzie Douthit sure caused a stir when she admitted on Tuesday night’s 16 & Pregnant: Life After Labor special that she was still not taking birth control. Fans may remember that the reason she had gotten pregnant was because she refused to go on birth control out of fear she’d gain weight.

Mackenzie is also a diabetic and explains that birth control has negative effects on her body — and this adrenaline junkie can’t afford to slow down. How will she protect herself? By not having sex!

The teen mom has received a lot of backlash from the reunion and she’s tired of it! She recently told a fan, “I shouldn’t have to explain myself to people like you. I’m not stupid I’m a big girl and can take care of myself.”

In addition to not having sex, Mackenzie Douthit and Josh are also taking additional precautions! “I did get the iud to be safe for the future.” There you have it, this teen mom is being safe!

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