MacPherson rhino horn cure gets slammed

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Elle Macpherson has told the Times Of London that she eats powdered rhino horn for health reasons. Macpherson is getting slammed by animal rights activists, and I have to agree. According to Macpherson the benefits to human health are many, but what about the cruelty to the rhino?

Is Macpherson so sure that the rhino can do all she says? Some people like Macpherson say the rhino horn can reduce fever. Well so can an aspirin. They also claim it can detect poison. Don’t take poison. In addition, it acts as an aphrodisiac. However,, reports “rhino horn has no curative properties.”

Also the Huffington Post says, after the horn is removed the rhino dies a slow death. How sad, and that four of five species are endangered. Not to mention the price of the rhino powder is $60,000 per kilo. Well that leaves me out anyway.

What proof does she have this rhino powder works? All of the reasons that people who believe in this powder say can be explained in other ways. I am not an animal rights activist, but I do love animals, and it’s just wrong.



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