Mad Dad Finds Underage Daughter’s Sex Tape on Facebook (Video)

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The father of a 14-year-old girl is outraged that a sex tape of his daughter was going viral on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube for days before it was taken down. Now he’s asking how such a thing could happen.

Facebook.svgFor obvious reasons, the identities of the father and daughter are being withheld, but the ring of boys who made the sex tape all attend Douglass High School in Baltimore City.

“She was forced to do this. She was bullied, harassed into doing this,” said the father of the underaged teenager. He claims his daughter had no idea she was being taped having sex with the boys in her school. But he’s hopping mad that social networking sites could allow this kind of content to be circulated for so long.

“They did nothing to protect my daughter and I’m furious. I mean, any parent would be,” he said.

This news comes on the heels of the Amber Cole sex tape scandal which is being blamed on high school bullying. The tools available to underage teens to post virtually anything on the Internet are cheaper and easier to use than ever before.

Some experts are claiming this kind of activity, a form of child pornography, is actually motivated by greed and the crime of blackmail. Not the kind of behavior one would expect from high school students.

Although details of this new sex tape scandal are sketchy, one has to wonder how the girl’s father found the tape in the first place.

School officials are saying that the tape was made off of school property and that the boys involved are being disciplined. The unidentified girl has moved on to another school.

What do you think? Are social networking sites doing enough to make sure underage sex tapes are banned from their feeds? Are they guilty of child abuse?

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Here’s how the local CBS affiliate reported the story:

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