‘Mad Men’ Season 5 Episode 10 ‘Christmas Waltz’ Preview: Unhappy People and a Twist

Mad Men season 5 continues next week with episode 10, “Christmas Waltz.” The season’s nearing its end, and while some episodes have been disappointing, perhaps the season can go out on a high note with these last episodes.

Season 5 Episode 10 “Christmas Waltz” Promo

“Christmas wishes come true. Harry helps out a friend.”

<br><a href="http://...After “Dark Shadows” showed Thanksgiving, it only makes sense that the next episode would focus on Christmas. So how will things have changed in the time that has passed between episodes? Will this be a Betty-free episode? It seems likely since she was around in the last one, though it may all depend on where the kids are spending the holidays. As always, the preview out for the next episode shows next to nothing and leaves you having to guess about the context of the brief lines of dialogue it reveals.

The Mad Men season 5 episode 10 promo for “Christmas Waltz” (below) does show that Lane’s back, which can only be good news. If the title of the episode didn’t tell you it’s Christmas, the winter clothes and wreath hanging on the door certainly do. On the phone, Lane tells someone, “Your promise was to extricate me from this situation altogether.” Uh-oh, Lane’s not happy. Something went wrong.

Lane’s not the only one who’s not going to be happy in this episode, as Don says, “Someone’s not going to be happy, and I’d rather not stare at her for a month.” Is he talking about something personal at home or something going on in the office? Speaking of the office, Pete says to Don, “You may have to stay past 5:30.” What exactly is going on? Is Pete going to continue to say and do things that make people want to punch him?

Some of the more intriguing lines include Joan’s “I couldn’t care less,” Don’s “Maybe you and I should go as a couple,” and Peggy’s “That’s a twist.” Don’s likely talking about a business dinner or event, but what are Joan and Peggy talking about?

What do you think of the Mad Men season 5 episode 19 preview of “Christmas Waltz”?

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