‘Mad Men’ Season 5 Episode 11 Preview: Who Is ‘The Other Woman’?

Mad Men season 5 continues next week with episode 11, “The Other Woman.” As the season continues, so will the days leading up to the big Jaguar presentation. Will they make progress on that in this episode?

Season 5 Episode 11 “The Other Woman” Promo

Don’s challenged by a pitch and Peggy contemplates a trip.”

<br><a href="http://...Is this pitch the Jaguar one? It is the one that Don said they’d be spending their weekends, holidays, and all their free time focusing on at the end of “Christmas Waltz.” After losing Mohawk because they went on strike, they need to get Jaguar. Will this be what gets Don really back into the business and perhaps show more of the Don everyone used to know?

Meanwhile, the episode title could be very telling—but could basically refer to anyone on this show. Surprisingly, Don’s been the most faithful this season, but could that change in this episode? Is that what the title’s referring to? It wouldn’t exactly be surprising considering all the fighting he and Megan do.

The Mad Men season 5 episode 11 promo for “The Other Woman” (below), of course, shows only hints of what’s to come next week. It wouldn’t be a promo for this series if it really told you anything. It begins with Pete telling Don to close the door as he and Roger join Lane and Cooper in the office. Joan has some advice: “You have to stop being afraid.” Trudy tells Pete they should stop playing games. Could she have found out about Beth? Is the episode title referring to them? Ken asks why someone wants to pull an ad. Uh-oh, are they losing a client?

Some interesting lines to notice include Cooper’s “He just came right out and said that?” and Don’s “What are you hoping I can do for you?” Then there’s Megan comparing a wife to a Buick in the garage. Is that perhaps for an ad campaign somehow? Is this just going to be part of more tension between the Drapers? That wouldn’t be surprising.

After the last episode, you can’t help but wonder when they’ll find out what Lane did. It’s just a matter of time before they realize he forged Don’s signature to get himself the money he needed, especially after how he was acting with the bonuses. Could that happen in this episode, or could they save that for the season finale?

What do you think of the Mad Men season 5 episode 11 preview of “The Other Woman”?

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