‘Mad Men’ Season 5 Finale Spoilers: What’s Coming Up for Pete

Mad Men season 5 comes to an end this weekend with episode 13, “The Phantom,” and after a season of ups and downs, it’s time to see how the AMC drama will leave fans as they wait for more episodes.

Season 5 Finale “The Phantom” Spoilers

Photo Credit: Courtesy of AMCVincent Kartheiser talked to TV Guide about Pete’s arc this season, which did leave fans less than sympathetic towards the character. He also talked about Lane’s suicide, describing it as “devastating” and saying that “there were tears and sadness.” It’s not something that they can just brush aside, and Kartheiser did say, “I’m happy that Jared [Harris] had a nice big ending and something that will impact the characters hopefully for the next two seasons. His character will kind of remain with the show even though he won’t be there alive.” The Mad Men season 5 finale is titled “The Phantom,” so it could be referring to that in a way. It should be something to note to see how each character reacts to what happened, especially when they pass by Lane’s office and especially for those who saw his body.

But what is coming up in Pete’s future after the events of the season? According to Kartheiser, “Pete’s flustered. I think at this point, he’s shaken by what’s happened with Lane. He’s confident, but only business-wise. The Jaguar account is a good thing, but other than that, things haven’t been so smooth sailing for Pete this season. So I wouldn’t suspect he’s going to be in more of a stable place then he has been.” Pete hasn’t exactly made it easy for himself with his behavior, but at the same time, that is the way of business. He and Lane did actually come to blows this season—and Pete certainly did deserve that punch—but he has had moments where you do feel bad for him in a way. He’s had his fair amount of drama over the season, and that could all reach its boiling point in the finale.

TV Guide also brought up that the synopsis for the episode states that “Pete meets an interesting stranger on the train,” and all Kartheiser would say about that is, “We have a lot of guest stars this year, and there’s another great one coming up.” Pete’s already had a romance with Beth (Alexis Bledel, known for playing Rory Gilmore on Gilmore Girls), but will this new “interesting stranger” perhaps top the surprise in that? Will Beth be back in Pete’s life? It didn’t seem like they were exactly done for good, so anything’s possible, even if it doesn’t happen this season.

Of course Kartheiser couldn’t reveal much about what’s coming up, even when asked if they’d show Pete’s reaction to Peggy moving on, as he said, “You’ll have to watch and find out. You know me, I’m on lockdown.” Spoilers for this AMC drama are especially rare—not even the promos show you much about what’s coming up except for a few lines with usually no context.

What do you think of the latest Mad Men season 5 episode 13 spoilers for the finale, “The Phantom”?

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