‘Mad Men’ Season 5 Finale ‘The Phantom’ Preview: Opportunity Knocks?

Mad Men season 5 comes to an end with episode 13, “The Phantom,” next week. While business may be going as well as can be expected at the moment—they may have gotten Jaguar, but Don wants bigger and better things—that’s not true on a personal level. The agency has lost Peggy and Lane in recent weeks—one in a much better way than the other. How will the season end for the business?

Season 5 Episode 13 “The Phantom” Promo

“In the season finale, opportunity is in the air for everyone and Pete meets a stranger on the train.”

<br><a href="http://...The Mad Men season 5 finale promo for episode 13, “The Phantom” (below) begins with Don showing up at someone’s doorstep with “I’m sorry to drop by like this.” Who is he going to see? Could he be going to see Rebecca? That could depend on how much time has passed between episodes. Lane’s suicide is not something they can just forget about, but if they have a significant enough amount of time pass between “Commissions and Fees” and this, they don’t have to address it as much as they would have to if it’s days later.

Megan’s going to be dealing with getting what looks like bad news and what sounds like an unwanted—or prank—phone call. Despite the fact that they’ve fought nearly every episode, somehow Don and Megan have stayed together all season. Will season 5 end with them still together? Could they last well into season 6 as well?

The preview also shows Pete on the phone in his office saying, “I know who it is.” Is that at all connected to the episode synopsis that mentions him meeting a stranger? Will that end up being something that impacts him professionally or personally? Will they revisit the whole Beth storyline before the season ends?

There’s also some stuff coming up for Joan in “The Phantom.” She shows Don some papers she received, and it looks like it’s something serious. The promo shows her in the elevator with Harry, who asks, “So is it true or not?” Is something going on in the agency? That looks a lot more light-hearted than her conversation with Don. Do both of those conversations have anything to do with the “opportunity” mentioned in the episode description?

Finally, there’s also some business going on as well, as Don sits in a meeting and says, “Clearly states the exact opposite.” How will things end this season for the agency? Will they go out on a high note?

What do you think of the Mad Men season 5 episode 13 preview of the finale, “The Phantom”?

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