‘Mad Men’ Season 5 Spoilers: Reactions to Lane’s Suicide

Mad Men season 5 saw Lane falling deeper and deeper into a hole to the point where his suicide in “Commissions and Fees” wasn’t too much of a surprise. After a mishap with his new Jaguar, which led to him having to fix the car, he hanged himself in his office. The others discovered his body when they looked over into his office. How will his suicide affect everyone at the agency?

Season 5 Spoilers

Mad Men Season 5 Episode PhotosVincent Kartheiser talked to TV Guide about just that, as “even the sometimes heartless Pete” will be affected: “There’s no way that he can’t be affected. But at what level does Pete feel guilt? Does he have that blue blood, ‘I’m not going to feel guilty [because] everyone makes their choices,’ or is he actually going to have some remorse about how he acted this season? Those are questions I had when I read the script, and the audience will discover [the answers] very soon.”

He was the first one to see Lane’s body, and he did help Don and Roger cut him down and lay him on the couch, so that’s bound to have some effect on him. Even though Pete’s behavior this season just showed why he deserved to have Lane hit him (and it’s too bad that can’t happen again), he has to have some reaction to his death. Could this lead to Pete changing his behavior and not continuing to behave how he has in the Mad Men season 5 finale? For his sake, hopefully he does, because otherwise he’s going to continue to be a least favorite character. Don’s obviously going to be the one most affected, considering their conversation in his office. But how will everyone else react? Will that be shown on-screen, or will they just address it for a few of the main characters?

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