Mad Money: A Review

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I am not a Katie Holmes fan. And not just because of the Tom Cruise debacle. I have not liked her from day 1 of “Dawson’s Creek.”

I’m not too sure why. Maybe because her voice is somewhat whiny, she only uses half her face to smile (she looks like a stroke victim. What? She’s too good to give us a full smile?) and she just seems to think she’s so much better than she is. And her face seems a bit… Silly putty-ish.

Maybe I’m being harsh or just plain mean, but hey. That’s how I feel. And now everyone else is jumping on my bandwagon, saying they dislike her – but because of her personal life choice.

Anyhoodle. Despite my distaste for her, I wanted to see “Mad Money.” Why? I LOOOVE Queen Latifah. She just seems so friendly, funny, down-to-earth and like a good role model. I think we could be friends in real life.

And while I think Diane Keaton typically plays the same part – neurotic, spoiled, not-all-there but brilliant – I can’t deny she is a good actress. Throw in Ted Danson and you’ve got yourself a movie I want to see!

So this past 4th of July weekend (a post about that will follow), I ended up renting the movie via On Demand. It was pretty much what I expected (as was Katie Holmes), but I still enjoyed it.

It makes you wonder. Everyone says “no way this could happen,” but hey – things like this HAVE happened and everytime someone says “no way…” eventually it comes true.

It’s not a quality movie, but it’s a fun flick. Not necessarily a girl movie, as it could just as easily be 3 guys in the leads.

The plot (for those who don’t know) and without giving anything away:

Diane Keaton plays Bridget (an upper-class housewife), whose husband, Don (Ted Danson), gets fired from his white-collar job. Instead of selling their large, gorgeous house, she gets a job doing the only thing she’s “qualified” to do – cleaning. And since she has a clean record, she is able to clean at the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City (why they put this in Kansas instead of a major city I don’t know).

On her first day of cleaning, she walks into the security room, sees the monitors and BOOM! Hatches a plan to steal the money that is set to be destroyed. I feel that she couldn’t be THAT upstanding of a citizen if she decides to steal on her first day! But maybe she’s just smarter than everyone else? Right off the bat she approaches Nina (Queen Latifah), who works the shredding machine, and together they approach Jackie (Katie Holmes), who jumps on board right away – no questions asked (Nina needs some convincing).

Long story short – they get caught. I’m not ruining anything, as you find that out within the first 5-10 minutes of the movie. The movie goes back and forth between flashbacks and “current” interrogations of the main characters, so you know they get caught.

They do throw in some curveballs throughout, but I still would have preferred NOT knowing they got caught until the end. It takes away the element of surprise and sort of makes me wonder why I’m watching it.

So while parts of the movie don’t make sense (they throw in a random fake drug problem for a character for no reason I could see) and you wonder why these 3 women would risk their lives (especially Nina, who has 2 young kids and puts up a fight from the beginning), it is a fun romp through the world of what-if.

I paid the $5 for On Demand, but I’d recommend saving your money and seeing it when it’s free.

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