Madame X

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Madame X

what is your name

my lovely lass

you light me up

and thrill me so

mystery cloaks you like a robe

so little I see

yet much I sense

of your beauty you

hide from me

who are you

that lifts my spirit to the stars

you, Venus, I, Mars


through the veil unrent

between us

I hear your voice

and in it love

that penetrates

your fear

from hidden apses

of heart and mind

your wisdom lights my way

no single day

can be complete

without your touch

a word or phrase

of this or that

in the in-between

you sweetly say

my name

It’s from a distance I espy

the you, you show

that flash of teeth

in easy smile

your eyes bewitch

across the miles

your voice enthralls

and draws me in

I vie for Love


let me win

I’m naked ‘fore you

soul laid bare

you’ve thrown the bolt

I see you there

enwrapped in robes

that cannot hide

your curve of hip

or heaving breast

my mind imagines

all the rest

then, in that world

the mystery

of you and me unfurls

enfolded both in secrecy

you part your robes

invite me to your holy place

the fount of your allure

there I’ll touch you where you will

and you’ll repay in kind

and when enrapt

‘neath your cast spell

you’ll softly whisper in my ear

“I am yours

pray, love me -

love me well…”


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