Madden NFL 12 Concussion Rules Changed; Art Imitates Life

Madden NFL 12 has changed its concussion rule. The wildly popular video game has decided that for its latest version of the game, concussed players will get sidelined. Yes, Maddenlogo.jpgit is art imitating real life and the NFL Players Association’s George Atallah couldn’t be happier about the change.

Atallah tweeted, “Good for EA Sports. Concussed players in NFL Madden prevented from returning to play. Culture change is important.”

However, considering Madden NFL 12 is just a game, there’s no telling how happy some consumers will be with the new concussion rule because they will no longer be allowed the option of playing a concussed player. Although the message behind the new concussion rule is an important one, there are still those who feel that imposing such strict rules on a game is going overboard.

Seriously, take a step back and imagine a little kid who just wants to play a game. Real life rules are important but at the same time, this sort of rule could really hamper the fun a child has when he or she can’t play their favorite character. Madden NFL 12 is now available on Amazon.

What do you think about Madden NFL 12’s new rule? Do you think it’s too much?


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